We created BAP with our clients in mind. We know your business is important to you. Whether your company is large enough to have a dedicated human resources department, or small enough that adding an employee doubles your workforce, having an experienced and insightful attorney is invaluable when it comes to protecting your business – and your bottom line. Our goal is to help you proactively handle the workplace issues that come across your desk as effectively and efficiently as possible, so you can get back to what matters most to you: your business.

We know every business is different, and we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we firmly believe in building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients. We take pride in not only getting to know our clients’ businesses, we also get to know them as people. In fact, many of our clients have become close friends. This depth in knowledge and relationship helps us better understand how to craft and present solutions to the issues each client faces.


We represent businesses of all sizes and in all industries, along with many government entities. Though we represent some of the largest employers in Southwest Florida, we also represent many small mom-and-pop businesses. We routinely work with our clients’ human resources professionals, executives, owners, and other supervisors to craft creative and proactive solutions to the many day-to-day issues that arise in the workplace.


One of the many reasons we formed BAP was so we could offer our clients fair and creative fee arrangements. Our small size and “client first” mentality allows us the flexibility to partner with clients to find the fee structure that works best for their businesses.  While most of our services are billed on an hourly basis, we are excited to offer more flexible options like flat rates and retainer packages.

We offer flat rates on particular services such as supervisory training and handbook reviews, as well as retainer packages for clients looking for a more predictable monthly fee to cover all of the client’s day-to-day counseling/consulting needs, plus add-ons such as training, handbooks, and assistance with EEOC/FCHR charges of discrimination.